Source Work

Presence-ing isn't treatment, readings, diagnosis, advice, teaching, alternate strategies, positive thinking, channeling, fixing, control, etc.  Understand Presence-ing as Source Work.  Presence-ing completes the source experiences that cause the situations you've chosen to address.  The facilitator goes there with you.  

Few people recognize they are suffering.  Fewer still seek completion instead of treatment, denial, blame and justification.  Presence-ing is for the true, seeker.  The journey evolves from healing, to mysticism, to Enlightenment.  The journey is our life's imperative, our forgotten mission.  For most the journey begins in suffering and disconnection.  Pain motivates us to seek help.

Release modalities are tools for freeing charges (programs).  These programs repeat, manifesting in life patterns.  Incomplete experiences include both the abuser and the abused.  When the program ends you spontaneously let go and grow.  Modalities include Parts Work, Somatic Experiencing, Voice Dialog, Polarity, Shadow Work, Spirit Releasement, Breathwork, Constellations, etc.

As the programs dissolve we begin to see the actions, or functions, of the mind:  It is obsessively self centered.  It is a story telling machine.  It wants to become bigger, better, stronger, faster.  It dwells in the past and imagines the future.  It projects.  It fears.  It divides things into good and bad.  It craves.  Seeing, and wholly experiencing, mind activities frees you.  Eventually you see that what you experience begins with your own state, and that you choose your state.  You choose connection, and to help others, and all beings.

A facilitator must have a connection to Presence.  A facilitator doesn't do transformation to you.  Transformation is a gift from your own connection to Presence. The facilitator guides you into the sacred work of your own personal Divine.

You move from facts, to truth, to actuality, to Reality.  Your external world calms and your internal world grows.  Your expanding awareness leads to AwakeningYou recognize our shared consciousness and human condition.  You become more attuned to and aware of Presence in a way that is specific to, and appropriate for, you.  You expand into the spectrum of self realization and god realization.  You become a conduit for other's connection to a greater Presence specific to them.  You spontaneously and compassionately help.