I met the Reverend of a church and offered to work with congregants. About a dozen people showed up. We sat in a circle. I asked people to introduce themselves, guiding them successivly into Presence. The fourth person to share was a man in his 50s. I brought his attention to some tightness in his mouth. I asked him to stay with, amplify it. His arms went back, his face forward, his legs straightened. His face and breath tightened and he began to sputter. I moved to help his rigid body onto the floor. His neck tightened even more and he stopped breathing. After awhile he drew a breath and started crying. When the tears subsided he moved back into his chair. I asked if he was complete and he said yes. I moved onto the next person in the circle. When everyone had shared we took a break.  

At the break I thanked him for his beautiful work and casually asked him if he knew what it was about. He said yes, he knew exactly what it was. When he was a kid he was in an accident. He was thrown into the windshield, shattering it. His entire life changed in that second. As a teen he studied and worked on it. Later he went to college and became a therapist. He had a practice in the area. He said he'd been working on this for over 50 years, and today it happened. He said he knew it was finally done.