Presence-ing begins with recognizing suffering, an issue or trauma of some kind, and a desire to heal.  This is the first step in AwakeningUnhealed charges affect your health, relationships, prosperity and happiness.  Most everyone carries some level of trauma in their body.  Trauma or 'charges' can be from major events, simple daily life or intergenerational (epigenetic) sources.  Consciously or not, we carry charges / trauma.

Your body is not separate from you.  Your body is not an inanimate machine.  The mind-body connection is built inYour body is constantly interacting with your environment, with chemical cues, with mirror neurons, with your gut biome, etc.  Your body processes 40 million bits of information per second, whereas your prefrontal cortex (your conscious mind) processes 40 bits per second.  Your body IS your unconscious mind.  The function of the mind is to find behaviors that (it believes will) keep you safe, and then repeat them.  These thoughts and actions become automatic, habitual and embodied like walking or driving a car.  Trauma release, Presence-ing, dissolves these ingrained habitual patterns.  We begin to live in the present.

Neuroplasticity.  Your body is a neuroplastic (capable of being reprogrammed) bio-intelligent organism.  A well functioning organism naturally responds to threats by running away, fighting back or holding still.  The stress from a threat that is not naturally discharged remains in the body.  This stress persists for days, months, years or even lifetimes.  Trauma isn’t what happened to you.  Trauma is the residual dysregulated state you carry after the event.

What is Trauma?  Trauma is a persistent dysregulated survival state which can manifest as aches, fatigue, tightness, diseases, etc.  It affects how you interpret the world around you.  Trauma creates chronic stress that makes it difficult to feel love, diminishes creativity, and your connection to the Divine.  It robs you of enjoyment of your birthright life force.  You become disconnected, separate, alone, splintered, compartmentalized and numb.

Why a body centered approach?  A splintered and compartmentalized person  is not healed by remembering, intellectualizing and understanding.  You didn’t fracture that way, and that’s not how you recover.  You don’t intellectually ‘take your life back’.  What is stored in the body is healed in the body.  In the right setting, the traumas you carry will naturally dissolve.

What is the ‘right setting’?  We need to tune into your body’s language, the language of awareness and sensation.  For example, what is the sensation of grief, injury, PTSD or burnout?

And how do we restore a felt sense of security?  You can’t simply tell yourself you’re safe.  A felt sense of security doesn’t come from your brain.  You have to get out of your mind and literally come to your senses.  Not mind over matter, but body over mind.  As your body awareness increases, your mind relaxes into 'the now'.  Relaxing into the present with guidance allows those stored charges / traumas to dissipate.  New neural pathways are created and nurtured.  You naturally come out of survival mode. 

And then?  In this process, beginning with the body, of expanding awareness, we discover that we're connected to all things, and all beings, in all realms.  We discover that we aren't separate.  We discover that our own consciousness, our state, is the creator of our reality.  We discover that it is possible to directly experience life as it actually is, without interference.  We experience Reality.  We experience Love.  From there, we compassionately help others, because they are ourselves.