I reserved a room at the YMCA. About 10 people arrived and we sat in a circle. One guy was upset with his brother and father. He stood in the center and chose people to play his brother and father. I invited him to vent to them. As his anger rose, a seated guy got tense. His right leg went straight and rigid, then his back. This posture ejected him from his chair onto the floor. I guided him to the floor and told the others he was okay. Then I returned to the worker in the center. He struggled with the competing urges to contain and release the anger towards his family. Each movement was reflected in a spasm in the guy on the floor. This scene, the worker and role players standing and the observer twisting on the floor, continued for about 15 minutes. The people in the center returned to their seats. The guy on the floor was gulping air and described rushes of 'electricity' in his legs and hands. Eventually this subsided and he said his whole body was tingling. He was astonished by, and happy about, what had happened. He wanted to know what happened. I said 'good stuff' and offered him water.  

We're all connected to each other. When something arises in one person, it can strike a similar chord in another: resonance. When these things are activated, they seek recognition and release. They are stored as 'energy cysts', if you will. When they are released, the tension that went into holding them in place dissolves and a natural flow of energy returns. Here we had a beautiful and powerful sequence of resonance, surfacing, recognition, release and the return of the natural flow of energy to his body.