I had the most interesting response to the work yesterday.  Surprising?  Not surprising?  Haha...clearly the latter.
Essentially, I felt this really strong sense of frustration, and just wanting to be done healing.  Done thinking about it, needing it, wanting it.  Done feeling broken.  I was angry and started to feel a sense of relief in the anger.  Somehow that allowed it all to be okay.  
Your attention to the healing in sisterhood really stood out.  I recognized the majority of the healing/support I've sought out has been with men. 
I had this visualization of a vehicle with two fuel tanks.  One masculine, one feminine.  Checking the 'levels'...: masculine: FULL. feminine: EMPTY... running on fumes! 
I'm sharing this because I want to say how grateful I am for what you are offering and how good it feels to know what's available if/when the time comes to continue, there's a safe space to do it.
This morning I found myself hiking in the snow dancing unabashedly under the glowing sunshine above, absolutely free to be.  And...like crystal clear sunshine... I'm going to ride this beautiful wave of "it is all good right here and now".  My life is waiting for me to live that! 

Can I say...to be continued with big open arms of curiosity?

Thank you so much, Brian

i am feeling like my skeleton has been straightened out.  I look out and see and everything seems clear and I am not thinking and I dont know anything, and there is no fear.  i was on the tennis court an hour or so ago with an old friend. I seem to be observing more than ever - what is he saying -what does he want -  what do i want in this--- as it flows - no attachment - no judgment - no conclusion 

Yet tryng to feel compassion for myself about it all - probably in shock some - yet feeling strength/determination
After I left our session my body felt like I could lie down for days and sleep...  The time clock of our buyer waiting till the end sprouted waves of angst with occasional calmness and throughout I still felt an opening pulling me deeper into the body - grief, sadness, anger, neutrality, appreciation of the beauty around me, comfort in the landscape, discomfort with the mind and stories long expired. Thoughts of “nothing means anything” and curiosity about the moment and the next moment.

I am so grateful for your time and caring for the enlightenment and clearing of others.  You are gifted and a humble servant.  


thank you for what you do!


I wanted to share an update after my profound experience in the last Presence-ing Circle, where space was held for me to be fully present to some painful shame from childhood about feeling stupid and wrong, and my fear that everyone would find out.   The next morning I was surprised to awaken hearing a rich clear warm inner voice say "Good Morning M... How can I Love you today?"  The days since the circle have been full, empowering and enlivening.  Self love shows up as “Yes”s and “No Thanks”, and inner peace/trust.  So much gratitude for the space you all held and the excellent facilitation.  With love,  M...


Dearest Brian and Leigh,

I want to tell you that an energy shift DID occur with me in a powerful way.

I don't have eczema.

My skin is smooth.

The redness is still there, but fading.

No more itching.

All the symptoms are gone!!!!!!

I did go to a dermatologist one wk ago, but the healing process started with me 2 wks ago with the session we all created.

The condition was seriously extreme for 5 months!!!

So, thank you, to you both, for holding the high space.

Thank you , thank you.



Last night I went outside to get some air.  The air was vibrating with textures --- caressing, sweet smells, sitar music, people laughing --- joy, and more joy.  My friends are commenting on how like a lit sparkler I am.


What the heck is going on?  I am feeling to a depth that I didn't even know existed.  I am opening in my heart so much, I feel like the being I was is truly being reborn.  Are you my catalyst?  Is this a Divine play, being played out?  I don't know...... and the truth of it is, that I don't need to know anything.  I am living life, and loving every moment of it!  Wheeeeeeeee........


Brian, I want to thank you again for the profound evening you so skillfully lead me thru.  I felt completely in your trust, and I felt safe. You were with my every breath. What an enormous gift you offer of your being.  I look forward to continuing this work with you.  I have had movement and I can hear what you said in the intro. It makes sense after having the experience.


     I have been having the strangest pain for the past 2-3 weeks that has been appearing on and off in waves - when bad it requires an incredible amount of pain management to deal with. I was scared and resigned to setting a appt with a Dr today as it has not changed since it started.

     When I arrived home Saturday night I was exhausted. I was not sure why as all I did was sit on my ass for 12 hours between driving and participating in the workshop. 

    When I woke up on Sunday the place were the pain had been had the most bizarre sensation - it was no longer internal.  Now much more a surface void, a strange sensation. 

     Indeed something is going on and it is very exciting & profound !!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact MAGICAL!     Tonight I will go home and provide endless love, care, and gratitude to the divine within me. 



Something has shifted in me. I had such a wonderful day yesterday. Happy!!! Me happy. Tears of joy. Gratitude. Beauty. 

The excruciating pain in my right shoulder is much less. my heart lighter. People were nice to me. 

So much more.  

Gotta go to work.

Love you.


         We had a horrific family tragedy. It was nothing short of the worst horror flick you can imagine. (A sociopath had married into the family and what ensued was dreadful.) After it, I really wondered how I could survive.  I tried many things: counseling, meditation, spending time alone in nature, started attending a Unitarian church, etc.  Everything helped somewhat, but my heart wasn’t just broken, it was shattered.  Before this calamity I had been a person who lived and loved life.  Afterwards I hoped and prayed for death.

         A workshop and an individual session with Brian set me on the path to healing like nothing I had tried before. Brian helped me to see how I was mercilessly beating myself up over this. When I mentioned that I couldn’t help but have a continuous angry dialogue in my head, Brian helped me unleash my fury. I screamed, cussed (something I hardly ever do) and as he held space, the most amazing thing happened: through the tears and angry words, there was a clearing!  It came up from the depth of my soul.  I could feel a big smile breaking across my face.  I emphatically stated, “Oh my God, I feel SO much better!”  Both these instances were major breakthroughs for me, and I’m eternally grateful to Brian.  He is a man committed to helping others, and I can’t recommend his workshops and individual sessions enough.


Thank you so much for all you are and do.  Your workshop helped me tremendously!  The next day, the ptsd symptoms had calmed down and so had the constant chatter in my head.   You are a life-saver and a truly loving, special man, Brian.  It is such an honor to know you!


What you taught me about releasing emotions was extremely valuable and in becoming more aware of the emotions I was stuffing, I’m now becoming healthier as they are released.  Super freeing and I feel like finally I’m be getting off the ‘emotional trigger cycle’ I’ve been on my entire life without realizing why.  It’s pretty cool to feel healthier so quickly.


Your Presence, the space you held, the peace and your ability to be completely with me, opened me so much to my body, spirit and soul. Your Presence was so beautiful and opening and I trusted you to take me more and more into it.  I felt a great deal of peace, non-attachment, Presence, and God. (Let's not forget Bhagavan!)

You were impersonal somehow but present- I think that might be a result of India- like there wasn't a ton of "Brian" there- but what it did leave was a deepening and opening in me.


I truly feel deeply what happened yesterday. Transforming. It will never leave me. One of the few experiences of my life that is embedded in me & all of my generations.  Slept from 7PM to 6AM. Feel like a new woman! 

Much gratitude & love,
I can sense and feel that something profound is underway. Very exciting. Feeling of magic in the air. I have begun practicing what we have gone over.
Much, much more present. Very frikkin cool stuff.

Thank you Brian!
I approached your weekend workshop with a combination of enthusiasm and trepidation. The written description in no way prepared me for the transformational experience that waited. Although words seem inadequate, those that come to mind are:  release, clarity, peace and ecstasy. Not bad for two days!  You are an amazing teacher and facilitator. You masterfully guided a group of seemingly disparate men and women through discussions, exercises and powerful spiritual processes with knowledge, skill, humor and grace.  The individual sessions I’ve had with you subsequently were invaluable to my continued growth and I look forward to ongoing work with you.  I am grateful for all that you are and thank you for what you’ve brought to my life.

I’m feeling so much better. I had a major shift today … spending all afternoon with myself, walking, meditating, seeing, etc. Really saw the mind and how it keeps me in suffering with old addictions that can never be filled. Silly mind! The illusions of the mind are so hilarious! I'm laughing my guts out. Thanks for being a game changer for me.
“I experienced a grounding that felt permanent, a glory beyond description at the course. This experience is brilliant, loving and powerful!”
B: Incredible. More, please.

The Oneness Awakening workshop is immensely powerful. Brian Jacobs’ brilliant teaching and awesome healing techniques were an awaking experience for me. I’ve also had successful healing sessions with Brian that I am still in the state of delight - aah! Namaste.


I definitely experienced a shift in my perspective... one from feeling held back by the status quo to now feeling very supported by the status quo. I am now able to integrate this new perspective to support my movement into expansion as I create a life of simple elegance that fully supports me as a teacher, artist and healer. You created a safe, comforting and non-judgmental environment for this to happen, and for this I thank you. Blessings of Joyous Delight!


“I’ve had numerous breakthroughs throughout my adult life, but few can come close to the experience I have encountered at this course.”


I experienced a grounding that felt permanent, a glory beyond description at the OA course.  This experience is brilliant, loving and powerful.


"This course opened my heart and my mind to the Divine Experience in a way I had never dreamed possible.”


I had no idea what to expect.  I was blown away with how deeply the process took me.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to deepen their process of connecting with the divine.


This is a great opportunity to break through things that have kept you block(ed) all your life.  Brian is really good in getting to the core & bottom of it & help me to move through with grace.

Highly recommed for spiritual and human grow(th).