Somatic Experiencing

Our remembered past and imagined future constrain us from experiencing life as it actually is.  Thoughts and the mind control our lives.  We survive instead of thrive. 
    Time is an illusion.  It is an emergent, not an inherent property.  Acquiring the skill of experiencing whatever is presenting itself now allows you to go into and through life rather than around it.  An experienced life is filled with meaning and clarity.  Opening oneself to being present moment to moment to whatever is there ‘peels the onion’, removing layer after layer of conditioning, decisions, reaction and projection.
    This is not change.  This is releasing identification with the ego.  The ego assumes the role of director and protector in our lives.  But it is relieved to relinquish control when it knows that something more intelligent, powerful, and loving can do its job better.  So the ego offers up aspects of itself for dissolution.  Eventually, the ego performs only the functions necessary for a temporal world.  The rest is left to the guidance of Presence.