We each have a natural center somewhere in the continuum of masculinity to femininity.  All are valid and true expressions of humanness, of the gift of life.  Deepening into and developing your true nature brings acceptance and self love.

This process can be greatly enhanced in relationship.  Masculine (consciousness, awareness) and feminine (light, movement) centers can deeply serve and grow each other by the recognition of the gift each brings to the other.

Think of an open ocean swell generated in a massive hurricane.  The energy could travel for thousands of miles, eventually crashing into a solid lighthouse.  Neither the lighthouse (the masculine, solid, present, aware, stillness, emptiness, death) nor the ocean (the feminine, motion, creative, destructive, expressive, changing, life) can fully experience, know itself without the other.

Each embodies different aspects of the fullness of existence.  Each provides the opportunity to deepen into that.  Deepening one's polarity in relationship can call the other into ever greater depths of Awareness (masculine) and Light (feminine).  Each gifts the other with perception and experience unavailable to themselves.  It is in relationship to each other that we discover ourselves.  Life is relationship.

Major religious traditions are based in masculine practices for awareness, denial and emptying.  Accepting and experiencing the feminine aspects of being blossoms one into wholeness and Oneness.