Breath has long been recognized as a link between the conscious and unconscious minds.  And it is easily accessible, too.  Many eastern traditions include breathing exercises and practices (pranayama yoga).  Breath work is the first and simplest method of bringing you back to yourself, back into your body.  When present with your breath you’re not thinking of something in the future or remembering something from the past.  Focusing on inviting and allowing body sensations, releasing attachment to thought, is the first step in becoming free.

Many clients have been excited to get breathing lessons.  Most people breathe primarily in either their chest or abdomen.  When attention is brought to the breath, especially lack of breath, the charges that caused the shutting off of breathing in a part of your body arise.  Then other modalities can be used to release the charges.

There are two basic styles of breath work.  Both bring consciousness, attention, to breath.  One style actively fills you with energy and powers through blockages.  It's effective to break down inhibitions and get the ball rolling.  The second method is slower, often shallower and more profound.  It uses the body's sense of what needs to be healed and in what fashion.  Both are best facilitated with little intervention by a person very experienced in breath work.