The Prerequisite
The first requirement of a facilitator is to have completed, or released, similar programs.  The facilitator can then hold space for a client to expand into.  You wouldn't want to work with, say, a financial planner who was broke, would you?
Next, a facilitator needs a connection to Presence.  It's the Presence that does the work of transformation.  The facilitator is simply a conduit for the sacred work of your own personal Divine.
Various release modalities are paths to freeing you of programs.  Programs repeat until the charge is experienced, the lesson is learned, and we grow again.   

The Journey

Many, many people that have had Near Death Experiences report similar things: a journey to a warm Light, seeing themselves from above, limitless compassion, meeting beings.  They return from these NDEs to a life with new profound meaning, sacredness, presence, compassion and bliss.  The purpose of this work is to relieve suffering and move you forward to the Light while you're very much alive.  No brush with death required!

     It is well established that early childhood and trauma physically affect the brain, creating impressions that influence our entire life.  The intent of Presence-ing is to bring awareness to these impressions.  That's your part.  The Great Compassionate Light can then re-wire your brain.  A person with a changed brain experiences life differently 

Parts Work

   The voices within us want to be heard.  In parts work, sometimes called constellation work, parts are given attention, respect, space and love.  When fully experienced, they complete or continue their journey.  These parts, these voices, are formed in childhood, from conception to birth, past lives, or from other sources.  It is in the hearing, the Presence given to them, that the transformation and completion happens.  It does not come from analysis, forgiveness or understanding.  Those things are consequences.