40 years into a marriage, an acclaimed artist felt the relationship had ended.  Her artistic drive had dried up.  The relationship was lifeless, buried.  She felt taken advantage of, unable to communicate.  There was no connection.  Divorce was the plan.
I encouraged following these feelings.  Numbness.  No words.  No movement.  No sounds.  Cowering.  In the dark.   I encouraged further.  It lasted about 20 minutes.  Then she rested.
Later, I asked what it was about.  It was being held captive in the hold of a ship by pirates.  Cowering.  Raped.  Unable to escape.  No way to jump into the water and die.  Limp.  Used.  Futile.  Hopeless.  Gone.
We connected a few days later.  Her face was open, alive with smiles.  Energy and life effervescing.  Laughing at herself.  Flowing with the joy, the excitement, of being alive.