Brian & Leigh, December 2022

Leigh's practice is in full swing now.  She's in very high demand and has to remember to take time for herself. 

I've been going full bore on upgrades and remodels to our home in Paonia, CO.  Several huge truckloads of soil, fencing, replacing windows, replacing floors, installing heat pumps, working on the shed, the shop, lights... big jobs!  And, they're getting done.   Yaaay!
We spent a few months on the boat doing more exploring in the Pacific Northwest in the summer.  After that, more house work.  Then I spent an entire month in India doing a program called Tapas.  A 'deep dive' into the working / mechanisms of the, my, mind.  Very valuable.
I got back to Paonia in late November and got back into working even more intensely on home projects.  I'm getting impatient to get these projects done! 
It has been a very good year for snow here.   Got in a few snow kiting sessions, and even more house work.
I'm feeling that I'm turning the corner on completion of the work.  Very much looking forward to getting back on the boat!