Brian & Leigh, December 2020

 Hello my friend,  

     We're officially Coloradans!  The California home is sold.  We're adapting to our new environs.  This unexpected relocation to a very small town on the Western Slope was a big, and definitely the right, move for us.   

     We're learning how to live in this area.  AWD is pretty much required.  Costco is ~2 1/2 hours each way.  It is snowing again today, deer are in rut, and the mountains are awesome.  We've been snowshoeing a few times.  We'll be skiing, snowboarding and snow kiting soon.  It's all worth it.

     Lots of projects are underway:  I'm using a little tractor/backhoe, a drill and jackhammer to level the ground for a dome greenhouse.  The electric car is a marvel.  'Town' is a mile away, and electric bikes make exploring and getting back up the hill fun.  Solar panels and batteries are in the works.  Landscaping is slowed by the snow.  Smart home stuff is going in.  My shop is coming together, now including welding and pneumatic gear.  Leigh has started working with people again.  She's not promoting anything, but word is getting around about her skills.        

     Windows, doors, lighting, flooring and such are in the planning and delivery stages.  We've finished building a totally necessary trailer to haul stuff around.  The guest house is quite livable now.  Holler if you'd like to visit!      

     We're learning about pellet stoves, hydronic heating, Mason jars, freeze drying gear, fermenting crocks, dehydrating and canning.  We're making yogurt, kombucha, nut butters and hummus from scratch.  There's an honor system grocery with incredibly delicious local organic produce within bicycling distance.

     Mystical things happen around here: lights, orbs, synchronicities, animals, plants, rocks, snow, the soil, trees, water, sun and wind all combine for a strong two way connection with whatever you choose to call the Presence.  Fiber internet allows us to participate in webinars and courses and Zoom with friends and family.

     We hope to complete the PV solar in January, a trip to India in February, the dome greenhouse in March, doors and windows in April and back to the Chesapeake in May to prepare for sailing Coddiwomple to Maine this summer.            

     I'm closing my business domain, so this is the last note from bjacobs@sourcones.com.  Reply to this email if you'd like to be included in my new friends list.  

     Many of the people we've met say 'I don't know why, but I have to be here.', or 'I was called here and this where I'm supposed to be.'  There is an instant sense of connection, interdependence and genuine interest in each other.  We know we are working it out together, whatever 'it' turns out to be.

     As always, I'd love to hear from you!  

Brian & Leigh

Brian & Leigh, July 2020

Hello my friend! 

     Here’s what’s new since my last update in December: We continued searching for a new home in Colorado’s Western Slope between Aspen and Telluride. We found a place that feels good to us: an area in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ at 6200’. It is a very small town of old hippies and new entrepreneurs, activities (hiking, biking, desert, rivers, lakes, canyons, skiing, kiting, farming, geology) galore. I’m amazed that this town of only 1500 is home to a solar energy institute, bio dynamic farming, a clinical herbalism school, an artist’s creativity incubator residence, a public radio station, and more.   

     Our new home backs to BLM land, has southern exposure, room for a garden and a yurt in the trees for Leigh. There are 11,000' peaks just a few miles away and we’ll remodel to optimize those views. There is a large shop area and plenty of sunshine for solar power. I’m excited to replace my 20 year old Civic with an electric car and gas it up from solar! There is a 3 bedroom guest house in case you want to visit us.

     My California home of the past 33 years is under contract. By the end of August we’ll be moved into our new Colorado abode.  

     Since we’re in limbo with two houses in escrow, I saw an opportunity to get back aboard our beloved Coddiwomple. She’s in great shape! So we’re on the Chesapeake for the next month wandering around and anchoring out as much as we can. We’re feeling that maybe we gotta keep the ‘Wompler for another year, at least. (Oh, the Bahamas again! And, how about those Virgins? Gosh, what about the San Juans?) Colorado's Western Slope is an amazing area, but it's a long way from the ocean. It seems we'll need salt water, wind, and beaches in addition to deserts, forests, rivers, canyons, mountains and snow.

     I had never imagined making such moves. This transformation is big, even for me. But the sense is too strong and signs are too clear to ignore. So at 68 I open to the loss of stuff, connections, familiarity and the appearance of security at the beach in California. Our new home feels like an excellent place to be, and contribute from, during the inevitable collapses and personal and societal transformations. 

     It is both an exciting and wrenching time. We have unemployment, income inequality, Covid, unsound banks, an unsustainable national debt, the climate catastrophe, trillion dollar companies, record market highs, police brutality exposing our racism and Trump-ism exposing our self centered-ness. Meanwhile amazing engineering and scientific breakthroughs accelerate. Underlying all of this is an enormous planetary transformation in personal and collective consciousness. It won't be pretty. But it will happen. 

     The last 6 months were internally emotionally brutal and finally beautiful for me. We continue evolving our daily practices, meditations, attend webinars, etc. We will likely return to India for a few weeks in December.

     If any of this inspires questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you. I want to know how you're faring and what's new, so please connect!

Brian & Leigh

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